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Ready to take your first steps on the Camino? What questions can I answer for you?

Hi, I’m Nancy, a guide and long – time pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in Spain!


I am here to talk about your Camino.

Let’s be honest: There is a ton of information out there about the Camino. Tons. Sure, you can read all about the Camino, you can watch videos and movies, and you can follow other people’s stories and experiences. In fact, all that Camino information can quickly become a bit addictive!

But how do you take all that information and use it to design your Camino experience? That’s where I can help.

See, what happens when you first hear about the Camino de Santiago, is that you have a few questions. Questions like, what is this Camino? How does it work? Who walks this thing?

And then the more you learn about the Camino, the more questions you have. When is the best time to walk? How long does it take? How much does it cost?

And once you decide you will walk the Camino . . . more questions! Where do I start walking? How do I get to the starting point? How do I train for the Camino? What do I need to bring?

And that’s just the beginning! Each answer brings more questions, and then . . . more questions. Some of these questions have to be answered before you leave home, so you can book your airline ticket, pack for the journey, and prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the walk. Other questions can’t be answered until you get to the trail and start walking the Way. And still more questions won’t even come up until you are well under way. Hmmm.

Where do you start???

That’s where I can help.

I have been walking the Camino de Santiago every year since 2005, sometimes twice a year, and I have started so many times that I stopped counting. (Yes, I did stay started.) I have finished, too, many times, but my specialty is getting started. So much so that in 2013 I started leading groups from Saint Jean Pied de Port in France, with a program called ‘Just Get Me Started.’


Since then I have led 13 small groups from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona, crossing the Pyrenees from France, up and over the mountains. (Okay, I did count that, but only because that mountain is really big!)

After reaching Pamplona, my groups would continue on without me, because by then they were ready to go it alone, or with their new pilgrim friends, for the rest of their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

After leading my last group of nine fabulous women in September 2016, I realized that I wanted to help more people get started on the Camino than I could by just leading groups. So I have redesigned my offering to what you will find here now. I think you’re going to like it!

First up, I want to be sure you take the self-guided tour through the section called ‘About the Camino.’ This section answers those first few questions of what is this thing, how does it work, and why would anyone do this.

Then, I want to invite you to sign up for the free tutorial called, ‘Where to Start YOUR Camino.’ The tutorial answers that second round of questions: When is the best time to walk? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Plus a whole bunch more questions!

But more than just answer questions, the tutorial walks you through the first steps of designing your Camino experience. Your pilgrimage, your Way. We are going to get personal!

And that’s it. When you’re done with the tutorial you will know if walking the Camino is for you. You will know if you’re in or you’re out. And if you’re in, then you can look at your next steps for planning and preparing for your Camino experience.

Ready? Go ahead and click on the section you are interested in:

About the Camino
Where to Start YOUR Camino

Wishing you a beautiful Camino Experience . . .