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Hiking Clothes & Rain Gear for the Camino de Santiago


Know what’s right for you for your pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

When you walk the Camino de Santiago you will be outdoors walking for hours each day. How do you dress for walking the Camino? And what will you wear when you are not walking, in the evenings? How do you protect yourself from the elements? What gear will you need for walking?

Our goal here is to be sure you have the right clothes for the job, which means, the right clothes for the weather you are likely to encounter while on the Camino. Having the right clothes will make it possible for you to pack light – no extras, just in case. It means you will be comfortable on the trail. It could even be a question of safety, which means staying dry and preventing overheating in hot weather and hypothermia in colder weather.

Here is what we will cover in this episode:

    • What hiking clothes you will need
    • What you will wear when you’re not walking
    • How to choose your rain gear
    • How many undergarments and pairs of socks to bring along
    • Does brand matter?

And of course, there is a top tip that’s sort of related to packing for the Camino (but not really).

Want to learn more about layering? Here is a good article on what hiking clothes to get.

If you want your Camino pilgrimage to be about more than just your packing list, come walk with me!

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