photo of a woman with Spanish for the Camino with Maria Seco

Spanish for the Camino with María Seco

HOLAAAAA! It’s time for Spanish for the Camino with María Seco. In this episode we will be learning some language rules for how to correctly pronounce words in Spanish. Specifically, we will focus on place names on the Camino Francés, learning tips you can use to pronounce any word in Spanish. FOLLOW ALONG WITH OUR …

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20 Camino questions the Camino Cafe Podcast

20 Camino Questions with Nancy & Leigh

Part 2: The Camino Cafe Podcast Conversation Here is the second part of Nancy & Leigh’s conversation on the Camino Cafe Podcast. In this episode, Leigh asks her 20 Camino questions and Nancy shares her tips from more than 15 years on the Camino Francés. Packing tips, favorite boot brands, food highlights, three words to …

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pilgrims on Camino de Santiago

Hiking Clothes & Rain Gear for the Camino de Santiago

What to bring: HIKING CLOTHES & RAIN GEAR Know what’s right for you for your pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain When you walk the Camino de Santiago you will be outdoors walking for hours each day. How do you dress for walking the Camino? And what will you wear when you are …

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Woman with hiking poles and backpack

A Conversation with Pilgrim Kathie After Her Walk on the Camino Francés

A CONVERSATION WITH PILGRIM KATHIE Join me as Kathie from Dallas shares her experiences walking the Camino Francés in Fall 2022. Last summer I had the pleasure of talking with Kathie as she was getting ready for her first-ever Camino pilgrimage. We talked about her fears, doubts, and concerns about walking the Camino de Santiago, …

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