Walk the Camino de Santiago

with Nancy & the Camino Experience

Go From

Yes, I Want To Do This!

to your first steps on the trail and on to Santiago de Compostela

Imagine yourself walking the ancient pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela, exploring the towns and villages of northern Spain and meeting people from all over the world.

Imagine walking for hours each day, immersed in the inner solitude of your own heart and mind as you move through the beautiful outer landscapes.

Your dream of walking the Camino de Santiago is about to become a reality.

Let’s Get You Started . . .

Here’s how:

By discovering and paying close attention to what you want for a once-in-a-life-time pilgrimage

By answering all your questions so you are ready to go

By connecting you with a small group of other first-time pilgrims before you leave for your walk

By nurturing the determination and courage you need – and already have – to do this trip

By walking together for the first four days on the trail, from Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, to Pamplona, Spain

Your Camino, your Way!

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With the Camino Experience

You can see yourself on the trail, in Spain, walking the Camino, but how do you get there? How do you pull together a trip – a pilgrimage – like this?

I can help. I’ve been there, and not just once or twice. More than 15 years of walking the Camino Francés have opened my heart to hundreds of pilgrims just like you who are bravely setting off on this extraordinary journey. But this isn’t about me; this is about you.

You have done plenty of other big things in your life, but this is, well, different. This one has the potential to change your life, to rearrange who you know yourself to be. And oh gosh, it looks like it’s going to be quite an adventure.

When will you walk the Camino?

Here are the dates The Camino Experience will be
on the Camino in 2025:

May 10-14
September 13-17

(You keep walking after these dates, to Santiago or however far you want to go!)

Final group of 2024:
September 14-18 – ***SOLD OUT***

Got questions? Click here for a bunch of answers.

Thinking ahead to 2025? Registration is now open for the May 2025 Camino Experience group, and the wait list is open for the September 2025 group. Get started today:


All Camino Experience groups start in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France. Max 10 spots per group.

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What you get with the Camino Experience

Getting Ready

All those questions you started with? We will answer every one of them, plus some questions you haven’t yet thought to ask. By the time your travel date arrives, you will be packed and ready to walk the Camino – physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready. Here is what I will share with you to make that possible:

    • A detailed training plan to get you ready for the physical challenges of the walk
    • A guide for managing money and important documents in Spain
    • Suggestions for selecting and using guidebooks and apps and how to use them to plan your day-to-day stages
    • Recommendations for how to pack for your unique Camino experience
    • Tips for selecting and using the right gear for you
    • Personalized assistance with travel arrangements to get you to the trail and back home again
    • Practical methods for communicating with home and within Spain and France
    • Ideas for how to record your journey
    • Trail-tested ways for staying safe and secure while traveling and walking
    • Advice on how to prevent and handle problems
    • Questions for reflection to use throughout the entire journey, from the moment you say Yes! to the return to your after-walking life
    • 6 group coaching calls with Nancy
    • Optional: add-on coaching sessions to ensure you get the most out of your Camino experience

Whoa . . . that’s a lot of stuff! And there’s more . . .

Getting Started on the Trail

You are ready to go, yes? What happens when you get to Europe?

    • I will share with you the details of navigating the airports, train and bus stations, and cities you will go through to get to your starting point, Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.
    • I will meet you and your group in Saint Jean Pied de Port and accompany you for the first four days of walking the trail.
    • I will be with your group as far as Pamplona. By the time we reach Pamplona, you will have met a bunch of other pilgrims, and you and your new friends will have the confidence you need to continue on independently.
    • Together we will discover the rhythm of Spain and where and when to find services.
    • We will practice booking your accommodations from the trail so that’s easy to do as you go.
    • You will fine-tune your Camino navigation skills and learn the different types of trail markers and where to look for them.
    • I will give you all the encouragement and support you need to get over the first mountain of your Camino journey and pull together your pilgrim-strong walking savvy.
Getting Where You’re Meant to Be

As you walk the Camino trail, I will be available by email and WhatsApp to answer questions and encourage you on your journey. And then when you are ready to finish and head home, I will be sure you have the details you need for your return travel.

Where are you headed? Santiago de Compostela, yes. And then where? Then what? What will you do, who will you be, after the Camino?

We will schedule a group Zoom call once everyone is back home to “unpack” your Camino. At that time, I will be available for additional, add-on coaching sessions, if you would like to explore how to bring this transformational experience back into your daily life.

Here are those dates The Camino Experience will be on the Camino in 2025 again:

May 10-14 – registration is now open for this group!
September 13-17 – get on the wait list today!

(You keep walking after these dates, to Santiago or however far you want to go!)


2025 Camino Experience groups: $987 per person (US dollars, plus applicable sales tax/VAT)

Early registration: $947 per person (US dollars, plus applicable sales tax/VAT)

Register by August 15 for the May 2025 group, or by November 15 for the September 2025 group to receive the early registration price.

Reserve your place with a $350 deposit.

What’s included: all that good stuff described above, plus . . .

    • Welcome lunch with the group in Saint Jean Pied de Port on Day One

What’s not included:

    • Travel and accommodations expenses
    • Meals, beverages, snacks (except for the Welcome dinner)
    • Incidentals including admission fees, phone, baggage transport
    • Travel insurance (required) and medical care (if needed)

Get all the FAQs plus the payment and cancellation policies here.

Ready to say YES! let’s do this, sign me up! ? Are you thinking, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, exactly what I need to confidently get started and walk the Camino. The dates look great and I’m ready.”

Start your Camino journey today:


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Nancy Reynolds Camino Guide

A Message From Nancy

Hey pilgrim! I am happy to answer any questions you have about the Camino Experience groups. Please email me: nancy@thecaminoexperience.com or click on the button above to get on the wait list for a 2025 group. (If you send me an email, be sure to add this email address to your contacts, to ensure you get my response.)

I will get back to you by email within one business day. If you haven’t heard from me, it means I am traveling or the email wandered off course (in that case, please write again!)

Buen Camino, pilgrim!     ~ Nancy

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