Make Your Dream of Walking the
Camino de Santiago a Reality

Let’s get started together in 2023.

Hey First-Time Pilgrim!

You want to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain but oh my goodness, where do you start? What is your first step in preparing and planning for such a big undertaking?

There is so much information about the Camino out there – how do you find what you need without getting completely overwhelmed?

And once you get some answers, then what? How do you get to your starting point? Who do you go with? How do you pack for a trip like this? How do you . . . where do you . . . yikes!


Guide Nancy Reynolds,
The Camino Experience

Do you wish it was easier and simpler to pull together your Camino plans? Would you prefer to not have to figure it all out completely on your own? And what if you could know at least a few people before you go, and have along someone who has walked it before (many times!) and knows the trail?

Hi, I’m Nancy, and I’ve been answering these questions for the past 17 years, and I have helped 13 small groups of pilgrims just like you get started on their own Camino journeys.

I lead groups on the Camino Francés with a program called “Just Get Me Started”, which is exactly what it does. We work together, to get you to the trail and connected with the pilgrim community – to get you started on your own, unique Camino experience. Here’s what you will get:

Design a Camino experience that is perfectly suited to you. Unique, personal, thoughtful.

Follow a guided path to preparing and planning for your Camino experience, all in one place.
Overwhelm, averted.


Rest easy, knowing you are starting your Camino adventure with someone who knows the path well.

Meet and connect with other pilgrims, then take your first steps on the Camino together.


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