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Photo of a trail marker on the Camino Frances route, with the words "YOU on the Camino de Santiago The Podcast"

You want to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain but oh my goodness, where do you start?

What is your first step in preparing and planning for such a big undertaking?

There is so much information about the Camino out there – how do you find what you need without getting completely overwhelmed?

And once you get some answers, then what? How do you pack for a trip like this?  How do you get to your starting point? Where do you sleep? How do you . . . where do you . . . yikes!

Five pilgrims on Camino Francés route of the Camino de Santiago with the Astorga Cathedral in the backgroundPilgrims approaching Astorga
the Camino Francés

Can you do this on your own, by yourself? Or do you need to find someone to go with you?

And soon you get to perhaps the biggest question of all: 

Can I really do this???

Yesssss! Yes, you can. You can do this and so much more.

Ready to make your Camino dream a reality?

Let’s begin this journey together, with expert guidance getting ready and getting started on the Camino Francés route.

And let’s get you connected to the pilgrim community before you start your walk, with a small group of pilgrims who are, like you, embarking on their first ever pilgrimage
on the Camino de Santiago.


You on the Camino de Santiago with a photo of the symbol of the Camino de Santiago: the scallop shell

This is a big thing you want to do.

Walking the Camino is a transformational experience. It’s time spent going deeply into the present moment, walking with the sacred energy of the earth at a pace that slows the mind and opens the heart.

It is a life-changing walk along an ancient path, a path that echoes with the spirit and wisdom of millions of pilgrims who have gone before you.

This dream of yours, it is important.

Did I say it’s a big thing? I meant HUGE. With the potential to bring you back home to who you really are. To heal your deepest hurts. To find and release your highest potential. To prepare you to go after your next dream and the dream after that.

Start your Camino pilgrimage with The Camino Experience and . . .

photo of the metal installation of pilgrims at the Alto del Perdon on the Camino Frances route of the Camino de Santiago, with the words "Join the global community of pilgrims"

Photo of a pilgrim walking on the Camino Frances route of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, with the words "simplify your life"

photo of a man hiking in the Pyrenees on the Napoleon route of the Camino Frances, with the words "meet the best version of yourself"

Photo of the two pilgrim statues at Monte de Goza near Santiago de Compostela, with the words "find what you're looking for, even if you don't know what that is"

Walking the Camino is about so much more than your packing list.

It’s about more than finding the right boots and deciding if you should use trekking poles. More than figuring out how to get to your starting point as directly and cheaply than possible.

Walking the Camino is about you, about what you want for your life and if you are brave enough to go after it. I think you are, and I am here to help you find and nurture that courage. Step by step, as you plan, prepare, and walk the Camino de Santiago.

Hi, I'm Nancy, guide and long-time pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Photo of Nancy Reynolds, guide on the Camino Frances route of the Camino de Santiago, Spain

Ever since my first pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in 2005, I have been enthralled with what walking the Camino makes possible in people’s lives. Mine included.

So I kept walking. I kept going back year after year for seven years, until finally I realized I had to share this gem of an experience with others, like you, who are considering walking their first ever pilgrimage on the Francés route of the Camino de Santiago. That’s when I started leading groups on the Camino, in 2013.

I am passionate about you having the Camino experience you are seeking.

think of me as your yes! friendDo you know what you are looking for? Do you know why you are called to walk the Camino, and to walk it now, at this point in your life? Let’s explore that together.

Maybe you know you don’t want or need a guide for your entire Camino walk. Well, that’s perfect! I am here to get you started on your Camino journey.

Find out how to make your dream of walking the Camino a reality with The Camino Experience.

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