Photo of pilgrim Karen on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

“Walking with Nancy for four days gave me the confidence that I needed to walk the Camino independently.”  I owe the fact that I did not get one blister to her wisdom of how to take care of your feet and to listen to your body. Even after I was well into my Camino, I was able to contact her with questions.  It was great to know I had someone to help me.” 

Karen, California, USA


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Lynne

“Your attentiveness to all of our needs those first days on the Camino was so helpful and reassuring.”  The “Just Get Me Started” program came to me at the most appropriate time.  I had already booked my flight and was ready, but there was still so much anxiety! Nancy has taken away a lot of that anxiety that I had about the first few days on the Camino and especially the walk over the Pyrenees.  Knowing that she will be there in SJPP to get me on my “way”, and that she is very well versed about the Camino gives me a sense of calm.  You feel like you’ve already made a friend before you get there! I am so excited about getting my journey started!

Lynne, Virginia, USA


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Dody

“Nancy’s presence at the outset gave me the confidence needed to navigate the Camino on my own.” Getting started on any journey is daunting and certainly the Camino is no exception. Her kind and generous spirit was just the ticket to continue my journey to Santiago. Thank you!

Dody, Ontario, Canada


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrims Roger & Lucy

“If we’d never even seen Nancy on the Camino, we’d have gotten our money’s worth with the pre-trip planning alone!” 

Roger, Boulder, Colorado

“I just wanted to tell you what an amazing guide you are
and how much we needed and appreciated ALL your help.”

Lucy, Boulder, Colorado


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Helen

“I couldn’t imagine that the Camino would have been as good as what it was without you.  All the information you gave was what made my Camino so wonderful.  Spending time with you in the beginning also gave me a better insight to the sights, sounds, and feelings that I would experience on the Camino.  Starting out with you was good for me.  I noticed how genuinely sincere you were with other pilgrims and hospitaleros, and how generous of spirit you were.  Thank you for taking the time each day to remind us to take a breath and realize how lucky we were to be standing ready to experience a day where thousands have walked before us. Well done you.”

Helen, Victoria, Australia


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Lachlan

“If you really want to get up to speed fast on the Camino, sign up!” I am an extremely experienced veteran traveler, and I have no doubt that I would have been fine on my own, but Nancy was so gracious at answering my emails that I ended up signing up for her program. I was very glad that I did! She provided everything from pilgrim etiquette to how and where are the best places to stay and eat.

Lachlan, Seattle, Washington


What is the “Just Get Me Started” Camino program? Find out here.

“Invaluable support and expertise to get started on the Camino!” I highly recommend Nancy Reynolds and her company, to hike the Camino Frances. Nancy has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Camino including experience on hiking, packing, and making the most of the Camino experience. Her advance information, guides, and tips were very helpful to me as a solo traveler. I cannot imagine having as successful a trip as I did without her introduction and early guidance. Nancy is also very personable, non-judgmental, kind, and supportive, and at the same time one tough hiker! I recommended her to everyone I met along the Camino who were struck by how much I knew (ahem….how much Nancy shared with me), as well as to all of my friends.

Bobbi, Ontario, Canada

“The information you provided was outstanding – you should charge more! You were very attentive, supportive, and responsive to communication, creating a sense that a safety net was there if needed. You were always upbeat with a great sense of humor along with a practical, no-nonsense approach.”

Joyce, San Jose, California

“Your personalized service was simply just awesome.” I loved the hidden gems that you took us to that only the locals know about. Your call on what to wear and bring was spot on. Your Spanish lessons were great. Your hotel / pension / albergue information was invaluable. Your instructions on how to ‘read’ the arrows saved our bacon a few times. It ALL helped to ‘get me started.’

Lois, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Photo of pilgrim Stefania walking the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain

“Nancy was a great leader, very kind, helpful, and skilled.” She stayed with me and helped me out on a day of torrential rain and hail when both my jacket and shoes failed me! Her knowledge made the start of my Camino and therefore the rest of the trip much easier, and I would highly recommend her service for anyone thinking about doing their first Camino.

Stefania, Michigan, USA


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Annette

“I am so appreciative of the care you took to provide all the information and fun.” My Camino was amazing and that was definitely due in large part to the preparation and hints you provided. You are just full of invaluable tips and information to make our journey easier – from how to get from home to Saint Jean Pied de Port, to what to bring, what we truly won’t need no matter what we think, how to break up our journey into manageable days, highlights along the way, special places to stay, and so much more.  Thank you!”

Annette, Washington State, USA


Photo of Camino de Santiago pilgrim Marsha

“With Nancy as your guide/advisor your Camino experience should be wonderful.”  My friends and I were very lucky to run into Nancy Reynolds while we were hiking up the Pyrenees on the Camino. It was a cold, cloudy day, and we were somewhat apprehensive.  From the first conversation with Nancy my anxiety went down and my mood went up!  I frequently picked her brain.  Nancy told us what to watch for, how to plan our walk, and where to get the best places to stay and eat.  Happy Camino!”

Marsha, Vancouver, BC


“Nancy is the best guide for the Camino. She knows special things that I never read in my guide book.” 

Stefan, Germany

“Nancy truly loves the Camino experience and it shows in the guidance she gives her clients.”

Paul, Seattle, Washington


“What a gift to have Nancy’s assistance for my 20-year old daughter and her friend. She was a voice of experience and reassurance.” Nancy provided invaluable and detailed lists of what to pack and of the albergues along the way, and even though she was herself walking the Camino, she promptly answered the many questions I emailed her. She was generous with her time and I could tell she is the kind of person whose nature is to be as helpful as possible. I had the peace of mind to know that my daughter and her friend started out with the best of advice. Thank you, Nancy!”

Kathy, USA


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