Start at the beginning, take every step,
don’t leave out anything.

At last, a comprehensive program for pilgrims who recognize that preparing for the pilgrimage is an essential part of the Camino experience. 

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The “DIY-plus”
Camino Planning Program
plus applicable sales tax/VAT


The ultimate do-it-yourself (plus) guide to getting started on the Camino Francés

With more than 50 audio sessions and written guides, 10+ videos, and a bunch of worksheets and resources to take you from idea . . . to the trail.

And here is the PLUS part: six monthly webinars and group coaching sessions on the most important getting-started topics for first-time pilgrims.

This Program is for you . . .

First-time pilgrims on the Camino Francés route of the Camino de Santiago

Who are starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France

And are coming from anywhere

And have at least three months before their Camino start date (more time is better)


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The “DIY-plus” Camino Planning Program answers all your getting-started-on-the-Camino questions . . .

What is the Camino de Santiago? What does it mean to “do” the Camino? When is the best time to go? What boots should I get? How long does it take? Who do I go with? How much does it cost? Where do I start walking? How do I get to my starting point? How do I book my travel to the Camino? Fights? Train? Bus? Taxi? How much time should I spend at my starting point? Which route do I take over the mountain? How hard is the first day? Should I do that first stage all in one day or should I break it into two stages? Where will I sleep each night? What happens if I can’t find a bed? What if I don’t want to sleep in the shared dorms in the albergues? Should I hire a tour company to book everything for me? Or can I do that myself? Where will I find food? How do I plan my day-to-day stages? Are you still reading this list of questions? How far do I have to walk each day? How often should I take a rest day? Do I need to make reservations? How do I make reservations? What if I don’t want to carry a backpack? How do the luggage transport services work? Help, my eyes are starting to cross! Do I need to reserve that in advance? What are the highlights of the trail? What things should I be sure not to miss? How do I know which way to walk? Do I need a guidebook? What happens if I get lost? How do I get a taxi? Are there buses between the towns and villages? Feeling worried yet? How do I avoid the big cities? If I have to take a bus or skip a stage, is that cheating? How do I keep all this information organized? What if I don’t want to plan? Do I have to train for this? Will my phone work in Spain? How do I get money? How do I pack for a trip like this? Do I need trekking poles? Why would I need trekking poles? How do I use trekking poles? Do I need a sleeping bag? What rain gear do I need to bring? How about an umbrella? How big should my backpack be? What will the weather be like? Don’t worry, this program answers all these questions! Do I really need two stamps a day? And what is the Credencial? How is it different from the Compostela? What happens when I get to Santiago? How do I get my Compostela? How much time should I spend in Santiago? How long does it take to walk from Santiago to Fisterra and Muxia? What if I don’t have time for that, can I take a bus or join a tour? What if I don’t speak Spanish? How do I get home from Santiago? What if I will be traveling before or after the Camino – what do I do with my extra luggage? What happens if I get injured? What do I do if I get blisters?

Yes, ALL of them. Plus a ton of questions you haven’t yet thought to ask!

Nancy Reynolds Camino Guide

Hi, I’m Nancy,

guide and long-time pilgrim on the Camino Francés.

I love the planning and preparation part of the Camino (almost) as much as the walking part. And I have been helping pilgrims with this critical part of the Camino experience for more than 10 years.

It would be my pleasure and honor to assist you in getting started on your pilgrimage.

And while we are at it, we will answer the one question you may be afraid to ask out loud – CAN I REALLY DO THIS??? – with a confident Yes!


What’s in the “DIY-plus” Camino Planning Program?

Here are the high-level content modules in the program:

⇒ Getting Started: How and where to begin your journey
⇒ Contemplation & Integration
⇒ Getting Ready: All the planning tools you need and want
⇒ Things to know before you go
⇒ Departure from home
⇒ Arriving in Europe, your starting point, and Santiago
⇒ Transitioning from the Camino back home

Also included: The Camino Francés Getting Started Audio Guide

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Want more details on the content?


computer and smartphone

You may be wondering, how tech-savvy do I have to be for this program?

Well, not too much so. You do need to have a smartphone or a computer, and you do need to be able to receive emails and click on the links in them. You will need WiFi or a data connection, too.

The files for the program are hosted on a platform called Thinkfic. You can access the content on either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. And I will help you get set up, easy.

The “DIY-plus” Camino Planning Program

plus applicable sales tax/VAT

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