Prices for Private Accommodations

Private rooms cost more than beds in shared dormitories, as you may expect. Below are some generalities on prices for different types of private rooms.

Prices are given for single / double rooms; many places also will have rooms that accommodate three or four people. Prices are subject to change and are given to provide an approximation for budgeting purposes.

Pension – €25-45 / €35-55
Private sleeping rooms, usually with shared bathroom, often no shared common room and pretty basic facilities

Casa Rural – €50-60 / €55-75
Private rooms with private bathroom, located in someone’s home, often with breakfast served

Hostal – €35-50 / €45-60
A small hotel offering private rooms with private bathrooms, often with a shared common room and/or outside terrace; limited reception hours and mostly Spanish-speaking staff

Hotel – €50+ / €60+++
Private rooms with private bathrooms, usually with a bar or restaurant; the more stars the hotel has, the more likely there will be 24-hour reception, and the better chance the people working there will speak English

Apartment rentals €50-70 / €60-100
Your own apartment, with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, and often a washing machine – an especially good choice for your rest days.

Camping on the Camino

While camping along the Way is a possibility, it is fairly uncommon. If you would like to camp, you will, of course, need to carry the extra weight of a tent. You will also need to be prepared to request permission from albergue hosts or land owners, depending on where you want to camp.

To learn more about camping on the Camino, your best bet is to do an internet search or to do a search or ask a question on this popular English-language Camino forum.

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