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A Conversation with Pilgrim Kathy as She Counts Down to Her Pilgrimage on the Camino del Norte

LIVE SIMPLY AND DO COOL SH*T That’s Kathy’s motto, and walking the Camino del Norte certainly fits. Through her preparations for this long walk across Northern Spain, pilgrim Kathy is finding her courage and learning that it is okay to be the person she wants to be and truly is. For Kathy, the Camino began …

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20 Camino questions the Camino Cafe Podcast

20 Camino Questions with Nancy & Leigh

Part 2: The Camino Cafe Podcast Conversation Here is the second part of Nancy & Leigh’s conversation on the Camino Cafe Podcast. In this episode, Leigh asks her 20 Camino questions and Nancy shares her tips from more than 15 years on the Camino Francés. Packing tips, favorite boot brands, food highlights, three words to …

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A Conversation with Pilgrim Kathie After Her Walk on the Camino Francés

A CONVERSATION WITH PILGRIM KATHIE Join me as Kathie from Dallas shares her experiences walking the Camino Francés in Fall 2022. Last summer I had the pleasure of talking with Kathie as she was getting ready for her first-ever Camino pilgrimage. We talked about her fears, doubts, and concerns about walking the Camino de Santiago, …

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A Conversation with Pilgrim Kathy Who Will Walk the Camino del Norte in 2023

Pilgrim Kathy Gets Ready to Walk the Camino del Norte in 2023 What does it mean to be brave for yourself? As Pilgrim Kathy prepares to walk the Camino del Norte in 2023, she shares about her regrets, fears, and being her own super hero. We also cover a wide variety of practical pilgrim-centric topics, …

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photos of Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona on the Camino Francés

Starting Points on the Camino Francés

How to Get to the Most Likely Starting Points on the Camino Francés Tens of thousands of pilgrims start their pilgrimages in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, each year, and many who have come from within France and other European countries finish in Saint Jean or pass through on their way to Spain. In …

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A Conversation with Pilgrim Amanda as She Prepares for 14 Days on the Caminho Português

Pilgrim Amanda Talks About Getting Ready to Walk the Caminho Português Pilgrim Amanda is about to take her first steps on the Caminho Português as this episode goes live! Walk with us through her preparations and how she went from hiring a company to plan everything to using her super powers to do it herself. …

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A Conversation with Pilgrim Abbi Who is Walking the Camino Francés in September

Pilgrim Abbi Talks About Getting Ready to Walk the Camino Francés Is the Camino on your “bucket list”? If yes, how is it similar and different from other items on the list? And what does that mean, really? Abbi from Santa Cruz, California is taking on one of her bucket list items when she starts …

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