photo of pilgrim shadow on the Camino Francés

A Conversation with Pilgrim Abbi Who is Walking the Camino Francés in September

Pilgrim Abbi Talks About Getting Ready to Walk the Camino Francés

Is the Camino on your “bucket list”? If yes, how is it similar and different from other items on the list? And what does that mean, really?

Abbi from Santa Cruz, California is taking on one of her bucket list items when she starts her walk on the Camino Francés in mid-September, 2022, and we had a chance to explore these questions when we talked in early August.

At that time Abbi was in the middle of a serious competition to select the perfect backpack. Which one won? And the bigger question, will Abbi return home after walking the Camino, or will this be the start of something entirely new? Find out in this episode of the “YOU on the Camino de Santiago” podcast.

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