Guidebooks for the Camino de Santiago

Cover of Moon Camino de Santiago guidebook by Beebe Bahrami

Moon Camino de Santiago

By pilgrim and anthropologist Beebe Bahrami, this guidebook is my top pick for the incredible depth of knowledge the author brings to the page. It is filled with gorgeous color photos, a detailed 42-day walking itinerary, and extensive information on the regions you will be walking through. It also comes with a beautiful fold-out color map depicting the route. This is the book you will want to read before you go, on the trail, and again when you return, as you reminisce and savor your memories of walking the Camino.

Cover of Camino de Santiago guidebook by John Brierley


For the Camino Francés:

Best selling author John Brierley offers a 33 day itinerary for the Camino Francés, including maps for each stage.

Cover of Camino Portugues guidebook by John Brierley


For the Caminho Português:

Also by John Brierley, this guidebook leads you through the various routes originating in Portugal.

Cover of Buen Camino, Tips from a Winter Pilgrim, by Anne Born

Walking in the Winter

This collection of tips and stories is meant to give you a real-life view of a walk on The Way of Saint James in the winter. “Tips from a WINTER Pilgrim” will help you plan: from what to pack, what not to pack, or how to stay warm, to how to make the Camino your own in the face of the challenges of the season.



This is a big thing you want to do.

Walking the Camino is a transformational experience. It’s time spent going deeply into the present moment, walking with the sacred energy of the earth at a pace that slows the mind and opens the heart.

It is a life-changing walk along an ancient path, a path that echoes with the spirit and wisdom of millions of pilgrims who have gone before you.

This dream of yours, it is important.

Hi, I’m Nancy, a guide and long-time pilgrim on the Camino Francés.

How can I help make your Camino dream a reality?



Nancy Reynolds, guide Camino de Santiago, Spain