photo of pilgrim shadow with scallop shell symbol on Camino de Santiago

A Conversation with Someday-Pilgrim Kimberly

Someday-Pilgrim Kimberly Talks About the Idea of Walking the Camino de Santiago

From the kindness of strangers to gaining an expanded sense of community to being connected to centuries of history – there is so much to be discovered and experienced by walking the Camino de Santiago.

Join me for a poignant and uplifting conversation with Kimberly as she explores the possibility of someday being a pilgrim on the Camino in Spain or Portugal, in this episode of the “YOU on the Camino de Santiago” podcast.

Say YES! to Walking the Camino

How do you take your dream of walking the Camino de Santiago someday to actually taking your first steps on the trail? Check out The Camino Experience to learn how to go from “yes, I want to do this!” to making that dream a reality.

Be a Guest on This Podcast

For all of you first-time or someday-pilgrims, would you like to be a guest on this podcast? I would love to hear from you! Let me know you are interested here.

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