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Your Camino Plan + Season One Wrap Up

Your Camino Plan

This is the final episode of Season One of the “YOU on the Camino de Santiago” podcast, and I want to thank you for tuning in each week, and for joining me on this journey to make your Camino dream a reality.

And when I say thank you I am sending that message out around the world. Do you know why?  People are tuning in from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and a few more – 44 countries in all. My global heart is so happy to have you here with me.

Thank you.

I hope you are finding this podcast helpful, useful, enjoyable . . . or at least interesting. What have you taken away from this season? Favorite top tips, most useful topics, new ideas for your Camino journey. What are your Camino plans? I would love to hear from you. I have an easy to remember email address where you can send me a note. It’s

In This Podcast Episode 

In this episode I share with you what I am working on for you for next year, and then I give you a wrap up of Season One. By now you should have a pretty solid Camino plan coming together.

I also give you a preview of Season Two and ask for your input on which topics are most important to you as you plan and prepare for your upcoming Camino pilgrimage.

Here are all the links I mentioned in this episode of the “YOU on the Camino de Santiago” podcast:

> Tell me what you want for Season Two, which starts in late January

> Donate to the podcast production fund (or buy me a coffee or two!):

> Be a guest on this podcast

> Find out why you would start your Camino walk with The Camino Experience

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